A Journey of a lifetime about to begin

We the team of two enthusiastic young minds set ourselves to explore the diverse cultures and history of our motherland INDIA.

Sai Ganesh Veeravalli
Sheru Arvind Reddy

Explorer fellowship is an extensive program offered by IIT Gandhinagar, a world class institute trying to be different from others. It helps students explore themselves and make cherishable memories by providing financial aid as well. It’s a boon to travel across India where we get an opportunity to plan and organise ourselves abiding to the guidelines set by the institute.

Highlights of the journey

  1. 43 days of relentless trip
  2. Covering 16 states, 30 places across India
  3. Experiencing all modes of transport
  4. Staying at budget hotels.
  5. Regular blog and video updates

We started our undergraduate career with foundation programme where students are given an opportunity to discover their talent and help to mould their career accordingly. Four years of our B.Tech programme has passed by the wink of an eye and we, the explorers in exile are in a haste to explore Indian diverse cultures and history through this wonderful opportunity provided by IIT Gandhinagar.

Do follow our blog for upcoming interesting updates and articles.

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