Is climate the sole reason for our culture, livelihood and food habits?

Exploration leads to evolution and we human beings emerged as a dominant race and in that process we developed the ability to think and act. We the students of IIT Gandhinagar started exploring ourselves and our four years of journey has been a remarkable period in our life. We not only enriched our thoughts to gain knowledge but also grew socially and culturally.

We always wonder why there is such a great diversity in culture, language and food habits in India, although whole Indian population typically emerged from two races Aryans and Dravidians. May be that is the reason why India is known as a Indian subcontinent as it has all the features of a continent.

Thar desert in the North west;

Punjab the land of five rivers;

Himalayan ranges in the north guarding us from the cold Siberian winds;

Cherrapunji in the east with highest rainfall;

Sundarbans in Bengal region being the world’s largest mangrove forests protecting wildlife;

Deccan plateau located in the leeward side of Western ghats receives less rainfall favouring cash crops;

And windward side favouring food crops;

Kerala being rich in laterite soil supports plantation.

No country in the world has such diverse climatic and geographical conditions.

Lifestyle of people depends upon the climate and the geographical location of the region. Food habits and crops grown in the region depend upon the climate and rainfall. In fertile regions with moderate rainfall, agriculture became the main occupation, while in other regions people opted various other professions for survival and livelihood. Cotton is majorly grown in less rainfall regions like Gujarat and Maharashtra which led to the development of textile industry. We planned to explore all possible geographical conditions in various parts of India which made them adapt to a particular food habits and livelihood.We wish to learn more about the origin and reason for the cultures that are followed in various parts of India.

Dressing style varies from place to place which in turn depends on climatic conditions of the region to protect themselves from external environmental factors. We know that the usage of woolen clothes in the northern part of India is more whereas usage of silk clothes is more in southern part of India. So, we wish to explore more such differences based on the climatic and geographical conditions we personally face throughout the journey.

We the team of two will be trying to explore how climate and geographical conditions are playing an important role in building a culture and lifestyle of people in various parts of India. We wish to find out whether climate and geographical conditions are the root cause of all the present day traditions and cultures and if yes, to what extent it is responsible.

Life needs survival, survival needs climate!!

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Stay tuned for the updates. We will be starting the trip in a few days. Let’s journey together!!!!

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