Have you ever thought that a HSS Chinese elective course is useful in your life? It was useful for us. Check out how?

May 7th, 2018

Our journey of exploring India started with varied feelings with deep sorrow in our heart, constantly hunting with an idea that we are leaving the place which was our home of rejoice for the past 4 years. Excited and happy at the same time with a thought that we were about to explore India for the coming 43 days.


Here is the link of the video expressing our feelings while leaving the campus and starting the journey : https://youtu.be/NJxczkyxakM


Being clueless of what is going to happen in coming future we boarded the bus early in the morning around 8AM to Udaipur, the city of lakes. We were allured by landscape and scenic beauty of the city, but no sooner the enchantment was carried away by scorchy sun. Hunger was overtaking our patience where we immediately headed to a dabha to try out local Rajasthani thali and it was very tasty.

Crazy start to our journey started with our residence at hotel Moustache, where the ambience was blissful with beautiful paintings and hangings around. We were allocated a dormitory to stay along with a charming Italian girl who seems to be a princess emerged from land of honey cakes. But a fierce bullet struck our heart after we saw her boyfriend in the same room and fell asleep with heavy-heartedness.

Not able to digest the fact that she has a boyfriend we went out to have our dinner with dissatisfaction. We came across a Samaritan who helped us to know that Fatehsagar lake is the best place to roam around after 8PM in Udaipur. He dropped both of us there where we spent quality time. The lakeside shops served delicious food and the atmosphere over there was cheerful.

Moustache rooftop serves a great chance to enjoy the pleasing beauty of the city. We climbed till there to enjoy the cold breeze and encountered a cute lady with spectacles enjoying her beer, soothing music and cigar with her friend. At the end she greeted both of us in a pleasant way, where we exchanged Chinese. Our heart was filled with excitement and happiness when we realised that Chinese course which we have picked up as an HSS elective in our institute is useful on this fine day. We fell on the floor laughing recalling the moments we spent while studying Chinese in our institute and also enjoyed SRH winning the match against RCB and went into sound sleep.


Let’s meet tomorrow for another interesting article.

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