Udaipur, a perfect start for explorers

May 8th 2018.

Hello viewers!!

This time we thought of putting up more pictures than text as we felt pictures could express feelings or thoughts better than words.

Day 2 started very smoothly where we got ready by around 9 am and hired a bike to roam around Udaipur. Local transport price being skyhigh increased the demand for rental bikes.

Visited attractions for the day are:
1. Doodh Talai
2. Ambrai ghat
3. City palace
4. Lake Pichola
5. Jagmandir

Starting the day with heavy breakfast, more than 10 puris each😅 we visited Doodh Talai lake, located in the heart of Udaipur. Then we quickly headed towards Ambrai ghat and took some snaps of beautiful lake and palaces around in our brains and mobile phones.

Jagdish chawk

Photos at Ambrai Ghat :

Afterwards we headed towards Udaipur City Palace where we met the sweet couple coincidentally for the second time. Our first encounter with them was in the bus while travelling from Gandhinagar to Udaipur. We helped them by giving power bank when their mobiles were out of charge. The couple being very sweet recognised us at the city palace and helped us by hiring a guide to roam around the palace together for about three hours. It was fun to have their company and team Agnyathavasi wish them good luck for their marriage coming up in near future.

The sweet couple from Mumbai. Lucky to meet such awesome people at our first stop of EF’18.

Photos at City Palace :

Maharana Pratap

Unique Sarees made of banana, mulberry, lotus leaves and stems. If you want to return them after using because your bored of it you will be given 50% of the amount paid back!!
View of Jagmandir lake palace from City palace

After being roasted up by scorchy sun we had some food and had a sound sleep. In the evening we went out to have local Rajasthani sweets and we suggest you that Rabdi is an item that you should definitely try when you visit Udaipur.

We went to bed eating the Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate gifted by our dear idiot Gayatri😂😂.

Our experiences and journey in Udaipur can be seen through this video : https://youtu.be/bP51v6YaU0M

Hope you like the video. Suggestions and comments are welcomed.

Signing off. Meet you in Jaipur

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