Jaipur – The city of barricades, one-ways, renovation and unbearable heat


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After our pleasant escapade we waved off good bye to Udaipur and boarded the train to Jaipur. The city was emitting burning flakes even during night time. But unlike Udaipur the night life of Jaipur was quite awesome.

Starting the 4th day of our EF’18 with Jaipur we visted:

1. Albert hall museum
2. Ajmeri gate
3. Pink city
4. Jantar Mantar
5. Hawa Mahal

“Early to rise Early to bed” is the philosophy which you must follow when you are in Jaipur for summer.
We started late around 10 am and were roasted like Tandoori chicken in the hot sun where the temperature was around 45° C with our helmets on. It is a city of barricades, one-ways, renovation, traffic and unbearable temperature. It is difficult to navigate around the city when you are visiting it for the first time. But the traffic regulatory system is quite wonderful in Jaipur where people are obliged to follow rules and regulations very strictly.

Tuk -Tuk (as they call) in Jaipur

Albert Hall museum is the oldest museum in Rajasthan and a great place to spend quality time. We suggest you to visit Jantar Mantar if you are interested in Astronomy, Geometry else you find it to be out of your world. Hawa Mahal is at a walkable distance from Jantar Mantar. We wonder why the area is named to be pink city although the buildings around are Orange in color.

Albert Hall Museum

Photos inside Albert Hall Museum :

Hookah pot from the Mughal era
Weapons from the Mughal era
Weapons from the Mughal era
Pistols and Guns from the Mughal era
Articrafts in the museum
Sadhu miniature

Photos at Jantar Mantar :

Spicy home food

With the experiences we had from the previous day, we planned our day 5 accordingly and started a bit early. We planned far off trips for the day to

1. Nahargarh fort
2. Amber palace fort
3. Jalmahal

The journey to Nahargarh fort before sunrise would be a pleasant experience where we feel the complete Jaipur city at the bottom of our foot. Queens used to stay at Nahargarh fort located on the top of the hill during war time and else time at the beautiful Jalmahal.

On the way to Nahagarh Fort
View of Jalmahal from Nahagarh Fort way
Amber Fort Palace
The beautiful Jal Mahal

Archaeology department and the central government are working to a great extent to develop tourist attractions utilizing the museums and palaces built in the city. There are good markets selling all kind of articrafts, clothes and world’s best jewellery. People from all over the country visit Jaipur in purchase of gold ornaments.

We headed to Agra after Jaipur.

Hope you liked the article!!

We will very soon come up with the article on our next destination Agra. Stay tuned!!

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