Taj : ‘You will find your true love here’. A tale of two youngsters from different backgrounds who fell in love after visiting Taj Mahal

Hello all,
We are up with our next article to share our experiences with you. Hope they are not too boring or out of your interest.

After 5 days of commencement of our trip, we finally reached Agra, the city with a great history behind. Loving the ambience and atmosphere of Moustache hostel in Udaipur and Jaipur we again booked our stay at Moustache Agra.
As soon as we entered our alloted room we met two people from different countries. The story behind how they met as strangers and how they ended in love leaving Agra is just mesmerizing to know about.
The gentlemen’s name is Evin who is from Canada. The girl is from USA named Tesla. They both met in Nepal while trekking a couple of days before coming to Agra. Somehow their mindset matched and decided to travel India together. Though it sounds filmy it’s a true story. We couldn’t believe what they said at first and slept thinking how is it possible. They also planned to visit Taj Mahal early in the morning just like us.

The next day when we met them after visiting Taj Mahal we were in a shock to know that they are in love now. Out of curiosity we couldn’t resist ourselves from asking how could that be possible. They said, the Taj Mahal had brought them together and the magic that place has had embraced them to find their true love.

The saying “You will find your True love at Taj “ had just became true.

They also mentioned that they were lucky enough to meet before visiting India and now they are ready to explore India together. What a life!! Exploring with your love.

The two awesome people

The Beautiful Taj !! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Early in the morning Taj mahal looked like a bright diamond with white smog like a screen in the back ground. We felt there would be no words in the world literature to describe it’s alluring beauty. No wonder we call it as a seventh wonder, which is a masterpiece in the history of Indian architecture.

Photos at Taj Mahal :

We fell in love with the place and sat there for 4 hours in amusement just watching the beauty. We made video calls to our parents, friends, lovedones and spoke to them by showing the masterpiece so that they could also enjoy it. We couldn’t get away from the place but due to time constraint we had to leave.

After that we went to visit Agra fort. After picturesque view of Taj Mahal we couldn’t appreciate the architecture of Agra fort. If you are really interested in knowing behind the history of Agra fort, take a guide and roam around otherwise it’s not that advisable to visit it.

Photos at Agra fort :

After Agra, our next stop is Delhi. But our train was delayed by 6 hours. We stayed at our hotel only and started to explore the surroundings. We were lucky enough to find a street food which is so delicious. And believe me the prices are very less. Double egg fried rice, double egg noodles, double omlet bread etc. every item just costs 25 rupees. We couldn’t resist ourselves from eating at least 2 plates each.

We boarded the train with our stomach full of delicious street food and headed towards New Delhi.

That’s all for now!!

We will be back very soon on insights of New Delhi . Stay tuned!!

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