Round the clock in Delhi and unexpected police attention in Amritsar.


We are back with the article on our experiences in Delhi and Amritsar.

We boarded the train U Abhutoofan express from from Agra to reach Delhi. Remember it is toofan for namesake, but the average delay of the train in Agra Fort railway station is five and half hours. As a result we reached Delhi railway station around 2 am. It was very difficult to get rid of auto drivers late night. We have already booked an hotel beforehand, but they tried to convince us to stay in other hotel by saying

“the hotel you guys booked is somewhere deep inside and not safe during night time, also the hotel encourages prostitution. So I will show you guys a hotel nearby at little higher price but which would be safe for you”.

But in fact our hotel was nearby at a walkable distance and we requested them not to follow or trouble us and reached the destination on foot.

The staff at the hotel guided us regarding the best way to roam around Delhi. They helped us in booking 2 seats for one day trip in an A/C bus for just 200 rupees each. They took us around

1. Birla Mandir
2. Rashtrapathi Bhavan
3. India gate
4. ITDC (Indian textile development corridor)
5. Qutub Minar
6. Lotus temple
7. Raj ghat
8. Red fort

Delhi city being rich in terms of heritage, it is difficult to cover all the places in one or two days, but they help you to cover good amount of places. We highly recommend that this is the best way to roam around Delhi in the best economical way.

Photos in Delhi :

Birla Mandir
Rashtapathi Bhavan
India Gate
Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar
Lotus Temple
Raj Ghat

We were surprised to see national capital region of India to be such untidy and sewage running everywhere on roads, but however expected huge traffic and pollution. Also weather in Delhi is completely unpredictable. Till 3 pm in the evening the city was quite hot and humid while the scenario completely changed in 5-10 minutes. City was blown away by heavy dust storm followed by rain. The recent storm news which was shown in TV News channels was the same one which we faced during our visit in Delhi. But luckily we safely reached the railway station to board the train to Amritsar. The train was late by 2 hrs but we are used to delayed trains by now.

The next day we reached Amritsar station around 8:30 AM in the morning. As we are going to the Golden Temple, we decided to take bath and refresh ourselves before we visit. So we decided to utilize the waiting halls in the station. But, before taking the bath we decided to have breakfast. So, we kept our two rucksacks in the waiting hall and took our small bags which contained all important things and essentials.
By the time we had breakfast and returned back, we saw three policemen (two constables and one higher official) waiting near the rucksacks for us to come. We were shocked to know that they were waiting for us for about half-an-hour. They also called some other policemen and lodged an issue related missing luggage in the railway station. We we’re completely unware of the situation and came very casually towards them but actually the situation is very serious for them as they also informed higher office.
They spoke to us for about half an hour and closed the case by taking our complete details. The situation was compromised then. So, now we have our names in the Amritsar railway police records.

Therefore, lesson to be learnt : never leave your luggage (even in the waiting hall) even if it’s just clothes and shoes and that too with an detailed Indian map attached to it.

After this unexpected situation, we somehow settled our minds and got freshed up. We headed towards Golden Temple and spent quality time there. We aslo had our lunch at Langar house and it was so delicious. I wonder how do they manage to serve food round the clock to lakhs of people everyday.

Photos at Golden Temple :

We also visited Jalianwala Bagh which is just few minutes walk away from Golden Temple.

Photos at Jallianwala Bagh :

The kulfi just outside the Golden Temple must be tasted for sure whenever you visit that place. It is just amazing.

After that we headed towards railway station to board our train to Chandigarh.

That’s all for now. Next up we will be coming up on the article on Himachal Pradesh.

Stay tuned!!

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