Adventurous bike ride and trek testing our physical limits. Thrilling trek to Cherrapunji.

Hello all!!

We are back with more interesting pictures and stories to tell, so let’s begin the journey to Cherrapunji.

We are glad that we have visited Shillong prior to the riots and narrowly escaped from the dreadful scenario. From NJP (New Jalpaiguri) we boarded a train to Guwahati and planned to visit Kamakhya temple early in the morning. But to our surprise we came to know that state transport buses to Shillong are available only at 7, 7:30 and 8 AM. So accordingly we changed our plan and thought of visiting Kamakhya temple in the return journey. Our journey to Shillong from Guwahati actually lasted for about 3 hours where we felt it to be just 30 minutes. The view on both the sides of the road was quite amazing and you never feel boring throughout the journey. The atmosphere over here is different from Shimla, Manali and Gangtok where you feel something special about this place which could not be explained in words but can only feel it.

Our stay at Isabella hostel in Shillong could be rated as average but the cheapest in Shillong. Good local sightseeing places in Shillong include Elephant falls and Shillong view point. But you feel it to be nothing when compared to the view points and waterfalls of Cherrapunji. So it would be a better option to directly visit Cherrapunji from Guwahati where you also get a chance to visit Shillong view point and Elephant falls which would fall into the same route. But you can also stay for a day chill around Shillong and then move to Cherrapunji as well depending upon your time and mood. In Shillong you can find the best Puri sabji served along with fried boiled eggs. Nonveg lovers can enjoy their meal in Cherrapunji where you find many restaurants serving lots of meat which include chicken, mutton as well as pork.

We took a rental bike and started our journey to Cherrapunji early in the morning though it was raining heavily. The weather couldn’t stop us from experiencing the adventurous bike ride and crazy trekking. We didn’t care about the weather and rode the bike through the beautiful landscapes by witnessing breathtaking views along the way. The way to double decker living root bridge is 16kms away from Sohra(Cherrapunji) village. This route is the adventurous and thrillest we have ever faced.

Photos on the way to Cherrapunji :

Touristic attractions in Cherrapunji include Double Decker Bridge, Rainbow waterfalls for which we need to trek a very long way. It would be around 3500 steps to Double Decker Bridge and 1500 more to rainbow waterfalls. The whole journey would be really tiring as the steps would be very steep. It would take you around 2 hours to reach the double decker bridge and more 1 and half hours to rainbow waterfalls. On the way you need to cross 2 suspension bridges which would be really adventurous. If you are physically fit you feel it like heaven else hell😂😂.

We reached the trekking point to living route bridge at around 11:30AM. We started the trek and slowly our energy was going down. We then realized that we should have food as soon as possible. We took a small pause and had some snack items on the way and continued the journey. We need to trek 3500 steps (one side) to reach the living root bridge. The steps are vertical enough to stress you out in 5-10 min. We crossed many adventurous bridges and risky paths to reach our destination. At first we were scared to cross but later got used to it.

Photos of the trek route :

After the strentous trekking we finally reached our destination. The double decker bridge is 2 way root bridge naturally formed from the roots of a tree across a narrow canal. You also find a natural pool over there where people enjoy playing around with water, so do carry alternate pair of clothes. But jump into water at your own risk as the water would be dammm chill at any period of time and season.

The view we get is just amazing after reaching there. Far away from the hustle bustle city, in the middle of the forest, witnessing the nature’s wonder living root bridge, it’s just a bliss to watch it. The bridges are completely made of living tree roots, its the one and only double decker living root bridge in the world. We spend some quality time in the waterfalls near the living root bridge and had some peaceful time.

Photos at the living root bridge :

Offward journey would be more tiresome than onward journey and eventually takes even more time. So trek accordingly by relaxing at regular intervals and having chowmein (noodles) and boiled eggs served alongside.

After our adventurous journey to Cherrapunji we reached Shillong late in the night. We headed back to Guwahati the next day early in the morning and visited Khamkya temple.

Photos at Khamakhya Temple :

That’s all for now!!

We will promise you that from now on we will post articles more regularly. Next up we have interesting stories of Kolkata. Stay tuned!!

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