Devotional time!! Visit to the land of Temples-Tamil Nadu!!

Hello all!!

We are up with the article on Tamil Nadu, the land of Temples. After the relaxed visit to vizag, we went down more south to Tambaram to explore the Temples in Tamil Nadu.

We have covered 9️⃣7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣kms across India and spent 3️⃣6️⃣ days of continuous travelling without a break.

After getting down at Tambaram, we took rest in the Railway dormitories and started to Kanchi. We came to know that there is a direct local metro train to Kanchipuram from Tambaram. The ticket prices are so cheap just 10 Rs per person for 1 hr journey. We reached Kanchipuram railway station in the afternoon and decided to have lunch first and visit the temple. We had a delicious traditional south Indian lunch and went to the temple premises.

After going to the temple we got to know that the temple is closed for a break and will open after 3 hrs. The sun is just killing us from the top and the humidity and heat are just unbearable. We had no choice but to wait there till the temple gets open.

So be aware about the timings of the temple. The temple opens at 5:00 PM.

We completed our darshan and thought to returning back. While we were starting to come back, suddenly the weather changed completely and it started raining heavily. We somehow reached the Kanchipuram railway to go back to tambaram by drowning in the rain. But the rain stopped as soon as we reached the station.😤😤

We returned back to Tambaram in the evening and boarded our train to Madhurai in the night. We got down in Madhurai railway station and got freshed up in the waiting halls. The temple is at a walkable distance from the railway station. We went to visit the temple in traditional attire and had our darshan peacefully. But the temperatures are getting high in the afternoon.

We boarded a bus from Madhurai to Rameshwaram in the afternoon and reached Rameshwaram by evening. It is just 3 hrs bus ride. As soon as we got down at Rameshwaram we had our lunch and started planning what places to visit taking time constraint into consideration as we had to catch the train at night on the same day to Kanyakumari.

We first decided to go to Dhanushkodi which 17kms away from the temple. It is the place where Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean meet. And Srilanka is just 15min boat ride from that point.

Photos at Dhanushkodi :

If you wish to visit that point you need to go before 5 PM, after that time there is no permission to go and there will be no buses available. Because during the late evenings and night time the waves intensity increases and drowns the road. The road is between the two oceans.

After visiting Dhanushkodi, we went to temple and had our darshan. We quickly had our dinner and rushed to railway station to catch the train. The autos are so costly here, their minimum charge is Rs 50/- even if it is just 100m. So we just walked down to railway station from the temple which is 1.5kms even though the time is running. But we reached in time by successfully and boarded the train.

That’s all for now! Hope you are all liking the articles. Your views and suggestions are always welcomed.

See you next time!

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