First touch down in South. The coastal city of Andhra Pradesh Vizag!!

Hello people!!

We are back again with the article on Vishakapatnam (vizag). Our home state 😋😋

After having a hustle bustle visit to Kolkata we took a train at Howrah junction to vizag. After the 15 hours we reached the destination. Our happiness has no limits as we could hear people speaking our mother tongue Telugu all around and selling our food items. As soon as we got down we got freshed up and had a delicious home breakfast after almost 6 months away from home. We booked a AC dorimitory in the railway station for the night and kept our luggage in the cloak room and went to explore the city.

As we have so many close friends from vizag and surrounding areas, they suggested us to go to Alpha hotel and have Chicken biryani. We went there and was shocked to see the rush . We ordered and waited for around 40min to have the delicious chicken biryani 😋😍.

After eating like hell, we thought of resting as we could not move with full belly to explore the city, so we went to a movie with our old friend who resides in Vizag. After the movie we visited trademark places of vizag the RK beach and kailasgiri. We had fun sometime spending at the beach and tasted some sea food. It was our first beach visit in the trip.

The next morning we had train to Araku at 8:00 AM, we boarded it and enjoyed the spectacular view of the araku valley all along the train route. We couldn’t resist ourselves from trying the famous local dish bamboo chicken as soon as we arrived. We completely rested in the hotel for the rest of the day and had sound sleep after so many days. The next morning it was raining heavily, so we need to cancel our plans of visiting far away places. So we visited Tribal Museum and Coffee Museum which were near the railway station when the weather was bit stable.

The tribal musuem experience was just amazing. The wax statues were so realistic, we couldn’t believe that they are artificial. We were just staring at them in mesmerization waiting for the statues to move.(it wouldn’t have been scary if they really moved). The coffee museum is just at a walkable distance from the tribal musuem. Araku is famous for coffee plantations. There are wide variety of coffees and a musuem displaying how they are prepared from raw through sculptures. We tasted two different coffees at the museum and they were really worth it.

After that we boarded a bus and returned back to vizag to catch the train to our next destination.

That’s all for now!!

See you next time with article on Tamil Nadu, the land of Temples

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