Kolkata the city of footpaths and street food. Advanced city without loosing its local and historic touch.

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This time we are back with the article on Kolkata.

A little stats before we start :

Distance travelled – 7️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣kms

States visited – 1️⃣5️⃣

States remaining to visit – 4️⃣

No. Of days of trip done so far – 3️⃣0️⃣

After the thrilling at Cherrapunji and holy visit to the Khamakhya temple we headed towards south India and made our stop at Kolkata. We reached Kolkata late night and took a bus and a cab to reach our hotel. The hotel which we resided is Inra Guest House which is really awesome at an affordable rate. After the long journey from Guwahati to Kolkata we we’re really tired and exhausted, so we went to sleep immediately.

The next morning we woke up in the morning and had delicious complimentary breakfast provided by the hotel. After that we got freshed up and started to explore Kolkata. As soon as we went outside the hotel the first iconic thing of Kolkata we could observe is the Yellow cabs (P.S : They are really costly -atleast not suitable for our budget trip 😛)

We we’re in the Kolkata for the first time and are completely new to the transport system in this city. We were just googling how to reach places. We were fascinated to see how Google is providing exact details with timings of buses and metro trains to reach a place. We had our first underground metro ride in Kolkata and it was a pleasant experience as there was luckily not so much rush. And the prices are so cheap – just RS 5 for 10kms.

We had only one day stay at kolkata and need to catch a train at 9:00 PM at Howrah junction which is 17kms away from where we are staying. So due to time constraint we visited very limited places.

The first place we visited is Victoria Memorial Hall. The temperatures are reaching peaks and we just want to go under a shade or visit a AC Museum. The Victoria Memorial Hall has a garden around it and so many people were seen resting in the gardens around the hall. There are actually two separate tickets to enter the hall, one for the garden and the other for the museum + garden. We spent around 2 hrs at this place and saw some Wonderful art pieces at the museum.

After that we took rest at the garden under a tree waiting for the temperatures to get down. After a short rest we visited St.Pauls Cathedral which is at a walkable distance from Victoria Memorial Hall. We went inside the church and sat in peace for some time. After that we headed to Kali Maata temple and rushed to hotel to collect our luggage and go to the railway station. We were in doubt whether we will be catching the train or not till the last moment due to heavy traffic. Somehow we reached the railway station and took a breath of relief.

The fascinating thing about Kolkata is it so advanced in terms of technology without loosing the local and historic touch. You will see LCD’s at each local bus station displaying the exact time and bus details of the next bus arrival. We can call Kolkata as the city of footpaths and street food. The rich and the poor live here at the same place. The footpaths are filled with shops and street food and the buildings side of footpaths belong to the corporates, house owners and offices. The worst part of being in Kolkata is the humidity. It is the most humid place we have ever faced in our entire India trip.The street food is varied and famous in Kolkata. We will not find a street in Kolkata with an empty footpath without shops.

The local transport is cheap and have different means to reach a place. They have tram, govt buses, underground metro, yellow taxis, rickshwas, autos, ola, Uber etc. It is quite easy to navigate around the city but the only hurdle is the traffic so you need to start ahead of planned time if you want to reach your destination on time.

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